GCOS-GOOS-WCRP Ocean Observations Panel for Climate
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Subsurface composite network

Component network
International coordination
AVHRR Repeat XBT line network (41 lines) Temperature JCOMM Ship Observations Team (SOT)  
AMSR SST global view Global tropical moored buoy network (~120 moorings) Temperature, Salinity, Current, other feasible autonomously observable ECVs JCOMM DBCP Tropical Moored Buoy Implementation Panel (TIP)
TAO/TRITON (Pacific)
PIRATA (Atlantic)
scatterometer winds Reference mooring network (29 moorings) all autonomously observable ECVs OceanSITES  
Brazil current rings Sustained and repeated ship-based hydrography network All feasible ECVs, including those that depend on obtaining water samples GO-SHIP
(from a programme initiated in IOCCP and CLIVAR)
high-res altimetry Argo network Temperature, Salinity, Currrent Argo  
TOPEX Critical current and transport monitoring Temperature, heat, freshwater, carbon transports, mass CLIVAR, IOCCP , OceanSITES  
Cryosat Regional and global synthesis programmes inferred Currents, transports
gridded fields of all ECVs
GODAE, CLIVAR, other national efforts  

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